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3 Ways to be More Beautiful

Beauty is about revealing the finest version of yourself and discovering the best in human nature – here’re 3 steps to becoming more beautiful now.

  • 3 Ways to be More Beautiful
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Beauty is often hard to describe but easy to recognize. You are aware when you are in the presence of it and has to do with a feeling you get when witnessing something powerful. The historian George Bancroft once said that “Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the infinite” and here at MyMaha we believe that beauty is about revealing the finest version of yourself and discovering the best in human nature.

  1. Self-acceptance is perhaps the first step to achieving absolute beauty. It is the recognition of one’s strengths and weaknesses and the acceptance of both. The saying that once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you is true. Both your strengths and weaknesses make up who you are and being at peace with both is the first step in bringing into the world your own uniqueness.
  2. Self-belief. When men and women were asked about the most attractive trait in the opposite sex, self-confidence is often one of the top answers. Not to be confused with arrogance, self-belief comes from knowing one’s self and taking responsibility for one’s life. It is the security from knowing one’s worth and is the quiet, magnetic confidence that emanates from a person.
  3. Compassion. Highly ranked among most philosophies and religion, compassion has often been admired as one of the greatest virtues. Stemming from kindness and more powerful than empathy, compassion is sharing in the suffering of others and having the desire to ease their suffering. It is a way of spreading love and in turn spreading life. Possessing true compassion is powerful and magical.

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