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5 Of The Best Weight Loss Tips For The Busy Business Woman

Registered nutritionist and MyMaha expert Karen Aroney shares some small, yet very powerful ways you can meet your health goals with little effort amidst a busy lifestyle.


  • 5 Of The Best Weight Loss Tips For The Busy Business Woman
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Losing weight and maintaining weight-loss when you have a to-do list a mile long, follow-up phone calls to make, deadlines to meet, and countless work conferences and client dinners to attend, is almost impossible! I say almost, because there are actually some small, yet very powerful ways you can meet your health goals with little effort.

1. Eat Breakfast. Every Day!

A good breakfast dictates your energy levels and your eating behaviour for the whole day. Breakfasts high in dietary fibre promote positive bodily responses by reducing cholesterol, managing blood glucose levels, and forming a healthier gut lining, resulting in natural bowel regulation, remaining fuller for longer after a meal, and an overall better mood. Therefore less excess weight!

Tip: Make Keep breakfast a simple routine simple and routine:

1. Have a set time to eat daily, ideally before 9am.
2. Keep it in stock:

In your work cupboard or desk drawer: A bowl, ½ cup wholegrain oats, 1 small piece of fruit (skin on), flaxseeds and/or and psyllium husk powder (toppings for added essential omega-3 fat content, contains phosphorous, iron, thiamine, magnesium, manganese and copper for bone health and to support your metabolism).

In the work fridge: milk and/or yoghurt. Combine all ingredients and enjoy.

2. Snack every 3 hours!

A snack rich in protein and complex carbohydrate curbs your desire to overeat during meals, by regulating your blood glucose levels.

Tip: Keep a bag of raw nuts and dried fruit in your handbag, the office cupboard/drawer or in the car!

3. Drink water!

Swapping sugar-sweetened drinks or fruit juices with drinking water will you reduce your chances of weight gain creeping up on you by 0.49 kilograms over 4 years! How? Water has no calories, it helps keep you full, and it hydrates your mind (read: thinking clearly to make the right food choices).

Tip: Replace just one sugar-sweetened drink or fruit juice, with one cup of water daily, and you will automatically reduce your daily caloric intake.

4. Mindful Eating

is eating with the intention of caring for yourself and attention to your food; enjoying food and how it effects your body.

Tip: Ask yourself: “Am I actually hungry?” Or are you just bored or stressed? Chew each mouthful 20 times and put your knife and fork down in between each mouthful. You will eat up to 15%-25% less, and may actually enjoy the process of eating.

5. Exercise!

As we age, our muscle mass declines and can even reduce by up to 40% between the ages of 20-80 years! This decreases further if we do not make exercise a regular part of our day. The loss of muscle mass is typically offset by a gain in fat mass, and as this increases, we can find ourselves at risk for serious complications such as cardio-vascular disease and diabetes.

Tip: Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator and/or go for a 10- minute walk every hour , if you work long days at your desk and you have instantly added an extra 80 minutes of walking your day!

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About the Author

Karen Aroney (BA Psy, ANutr, ANS) is the founder of PureVitality Nutrition Concepts Pte Ltd, specialising in nutrition and better health for time-poor individuals who travel excessively, work long hours, and do not have fixed routines.

Karen and her team provide tailored nutritional solutions that are sustainable, to empower busy professionals to improve energy, develop healthy habits, and gain education and awareness of how to eat a range of foods without any diet fads, restriction or deprivation, getting you results.

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