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Beat The Haze

Haze got you down? We show you how THEG helps keep you running at 100%

  • Beat The Haze
    Image from Team MyMaha

Forest fires in the region have caused a prolonged spell of haze in Singapore in recent weeks. Haze consists of smoke, dust and particulate matter that causes air quality to decline. Even short term exposure to poor quality air can cause issues such as sniffles, dry eyes and lethargy, or in worse cases, aggravate respiratory illnesses and skin conditions.  Your best best to combating in the haze is to keep your body strong and healthy from the inside by consuming nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and various superfoods. At the MyMaha HQ, we always have The Essential Greens (THEG) on standby for that added immunity boost:

Here’s how it works:  THEG accelerates your body’s ability to rebalance itself with organic, all-natural superfoods. Our dope powder is charged with antioxidants and chlorophyll-rich plants like:

  • Moringa leaf: Contains one of the highest levels of chlorophyll in the plant kingdom, helping the body fight infection while improving the body’s immune and circulatory systems
  • Wheatgrass: Rich in chlorophyll, increasing the rate of red blood cell production and protects against carcinogens
  • Spinach: Jam-packed with anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that improves the quality of blood, reduces oxidative stress on the body and restores energy
  • Spirulina: Filled with chlorophyll and protein that reduces toxic build-up in the body while promoting cell repair and growth
  • Peas: A source of Vitamin K and Omega 3 fatty acids to reverse environmental damage on skin

Consuming THEG can make you feel clean, clear-headed and re-energized. Everyone at MyMaha takes one daily to minimise the detrimental effects of the haze and jump start our day. Try it for yourself – tear a sachet open, add it to a liquid of your choice and drink up to feel alive again.

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The Essential Greens

The Essential Greens

The Essential Greens is our high-vibe proprietary blend of green superfood powder made out of 10 organic fruits and vegetables, conveniently packaged in single serving size packets to provide excellent, convenient nutrition whenever you want.

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