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Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

This fibre-rich blueberry chia seed recipe created by Emmanuel Stroobant is perfect for breakfast or a mid-meal snack.

  • Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding
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2 x 600ml filtered or alkaline water
300g pine nuts (or any other nuts)
150g chia seeds
2 tsp lime zest
½ tsp cinnamon
12 dates


  1. Soak 300g of pine nuts in 600ml of alkaline water for 8 hours.
  2. Strain and blend 300g of pine nuts with the other 600ml of fresh alkaline water and 12 dates until smooth. Strain the mixture.
  3. Combine 600ml of the pine nut milk with 150g of chia seeds. Add cinnamon and lime zest.
  4. Set in container. Top with berries. The pudding will set within a few minutes.

Tip: When making chia seed pudding, the chia seed to liquid ratio is 1 : 4.

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About the Author

Emmanuel Stroobant started his career at 16 – cleaning dishes in one of the best restaurants in Belgium. Hoping to save some money to pay his way through university, Stroobant’s first ambition was to be a lawyer. In 1999, Stroobant settled down in Singapore with his wife and founded Saint Pierre in December 2000. Emmanuel Stroobant’s philosophy shines through in his utmost respect for wholesome produce and organic ingredients of only the highest quality. With his passionate approach to fresh produce, Stroobant is also an advocate of healthy eating and living, especially in the inculcation of good eating habits amongst the young. Stroobant is also a vegetarian by choice and an avid yoga practitioner.

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