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Fig and Carob Truffles

These dried fruit and nut truffles are a perfect, healthier substitute for when the chocolate craving hits

  • Fig and Carob Truffles
    Photo from Serene Tan

Makes about 18-20 truffles


¼ cup flaxseed meal
½ cup nuts (I used walnuts & pecans)
½ cup soaked dried figs (measured before soaking)
3-4 tbsp carob powder (or cacao/cocoa)
optional spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger, cayenne
coating: hemp seeds, chia seeds, goji berries etc


1. Separately pulse nuts and figs in a food processor.
2. Add all ingredients together and pulse again.
3. Form into small balls and coat with whatever you like.

Enjoy as it is or leave to chill in the refrigerator before eating.

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About the Author

You may know Serene as @serenesayyian on Instagram or as the blogger behind eatyourrainbows. As the only vegan in her family, social media and websites that embrace a vegan lifestyle have been essential to her journey. She hopes to inspire you to embrace a lifestyle of non-violence – especially by adopting a plant-based diet. Peace begins on your plate!


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