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Green Powder vs Synthetic Multivitamins

Which Works Better For The Body?

  • Green Powder vs Synthetic Multivitamins

There’s been some controversy lately regarding how effective multivitamins are and whether we should take them. Some health experts believe that multivitamins don’t work and that we  should look at alternative sources of vitamins and nutrients. One of the more popular options is green powder. You’ve probably heard of green supplements or green superfood powders that health buffs are going crazy for.

What are green powders and what makes them popular alternatives over multivitamins?

Green powder supplements are usually made up of a combination of land vegetables and grains, algae, probiotics, enzymes, herb and spice extracts. They come in different shades of green and are fine in texture for easy digestion. Green powders can be added to water, smoothies, juices or any beverage for consumption.

Health experts claim that one pack of this green powder could provide you with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, plus other nutrients like probiotics, prebiotics and disease-protecting antioxidants.

However, despite the rising popularity of green powder, there are some skeptics who think that multivitamins are better because they have been used widely before. Those years of taking those pills can’t be wrong, right?

To give you a better understanding of the difference between multivitamins and green powders, we’ve come up with a comprehensive comparison of the two. This will helpfully guide you in choosing the best health supplement for your body.

Synthetic Multivitamins

We’ve been taking multivitamins for as long we can remember, some of us since birth. We all believe that it is the easiest way to get the vitamins and minerals that we need. However, a recent study shows that there are no benefits for using multivitamins. According to the  Annals of Internal Medicine, they found “no evidence of an effect of nutritional doses on CVD, cancer, or mortality in healthy individuals without known nutritional deficiencies for most supplements we examined.”

With the recent multivitamin controversy plaguing the health industry, many people find themselves asking, “Is it worth it?”

People have been attracted to multivitamins because they are supposedly high in vitamins and minerals and are more affordable compared to other health supplements. However, multivitamins are:

  1. Usually synthetic, meaning they are not naturally-occurring. These vitamins were mixed chemically in a lab.

  2. Usually include additives. How do you think they preserve these vitamins for a long period of time?

  3. Not whole foods. Since these vitamins are created in a lab, you don’t see whole fruits and vegetables in their ingredient list.

  4. Poorly absorbed. Not all of the vitamins and minerals you’re taking are absorbed by the body. Research shows that pills need to disintegrate within 20 minutes for maximum absorption. However, recent studies show that most vitamins only disintegrate after that optimal time.

  5. Has different effects on different people. One vitamin could be useful to one person but could be useless to another due to our different biochemistries

  6. Difficult to swallow. You’ve probably seen how humongous a pill can be and it is sometimes scary to think what will happen if it gets stuck in your throat.

Despite these observations, there are groups of people who believe that not all vitamins are useless but a majority believes that we need a different and more effective source of vitamins and minerals.

This is where where green powder supplements come in.

Green Supplements

Green powder is the new go-to fix of every health-conscious person. Green supplements have risen to popularity in the recent years as more people discover its benefits.

Here are some the benefits of consuming green powder.

  1. Composed of dehydrated whole foods and extracts. Greens powders are vegetables and fruits that have been processed and distilled into powdered form. It is made from actual food. One sachet of green powder can function as several servings of fruits and vegetables containing vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

  2. High in vitamins and minerals. Most of the ingredients included in green powders have high nutrient content. These superfoods are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,fibre, and phytonutrients.

  3. No additives. Green powders are naturally processed without the use of chemicals, synthetic material or additives to preserve most of the nutrients in the ingredients.

  4. Great source of fruits and vegetables. We should consume 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day but a conventional diet is mostly composed of protein and processed carbohydrates. Most don’t hit their recommended daily consumption of fruits and veggies. Green powder helps augment diets that are low in fruits and vegetables.

  5. Easily absorbed by the body. Our body is designed to absorb foods and materials that are naturally produced. In green supplements, quality extraction processes are applied, leaving essential nutrients in perfect ratios and in their natural state, making them easily absorbed by the body.

  6. Can restore PH balance in the body. Most of our diet is protein-based, creating an acid load in the body. Greens powders are alkaline because of its fruits and vegetables. Consumption of green powders help optimise the body’s PH balance. Having a balanced PH preserves bone and muscle health while decreasing inflammation in the body.

  7. Easy ways of consumption. Green powders are usually blended with smoothies or stirred in water, juices or food for easy consumption

  8. Long term health benefits. Consuming green supplements will bring your body to an optimal state in the long-run allowing your body to fight preventive disease

The disadvantages? Green powders are usually more expensive and harder to purchase especially in the rural areas. Although they are available in major grocery stores and online shops, they are still not as widely available as multivitamins.


Choosing the best health supplement for your body means not just consuming what’s readily available. Being able to understand what ingredients are included in the supplement and its effects on the body will help you to better select the supplement that’s right for you.

In the case of green powder vs synthetic multivitamins, the winner is obvious. Why continue spending money on multivitamins with minimal effects? We’d rather go with more effective green powder. They are more convenient and easy to consume, even for kids!

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