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How to find a workout that works for you

The trick to exercising regularly is finding a workout you love (or don’t mind doing).  We show you how to go about finding a workout that’s best suited for you.

  • How to find a workout that works for you
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We all know that leading an active life is an important factor in overall wellness. While increasing the amount you walk per day will help you get your cardio in, it won’t improve other aspects of fitness that include strength, flexibility and agility.

The trick to incorporating fitness into your lifestyle is finding a workout you love. Then, working out becomes something to look forward to instead of something to dread.

Hate running? Don’t do it. Use the elliptical machine instead or take a cycling class for your cardio workout. If you want to build muscle but dislike the banality of the weight room, take a strength-building class at the gym or try pilates or yoga. Need to be in the presence of people in order to feel motivated during your workout? Take a group fitness class, or bring a friend to the gym. Want to work out but hate doing it in public? There are a ton of videos on Youtube that cater to a specific type of workout – whether you’re interested in a yoga routine, high intensity interval training or simple strength building exercises that you can do at home. We like Livestrong for instructional videos that can help you get started.

When you enjoy the process of working out instead of being fixated on the end goal, you’ll find that working out becomes more effortless and more easily integrated into your daily life.

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