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My Daily Plate

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant Cheryl Lin shares with us what she eats to keep her fueled up on a typical day.

  • My Daily Plate
  • Quinoa salad dinner
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Tamari almonds on-the-go

As a personal trainer and nutrition consultant running her own business, Cheryl eats nutrient-dense, predominantly plant-based small meals throughout the day to provide her with sustainable energy that lasts the entire day.

6:15am Wake up, get ready for work, drink about 500ml water with lemon. Conduct Personal Training (PT) sessions til 9am
9:00am Supplements – I take Vit B complex, Probiotic and Fish Oils. Also have a breakfast smoothie with papaya – good for digestion and recovery, kiwi fruit- rich in vitamins and antioxidants, mint- detoxifying, maca – good for hormonal balance and energy, acai – rich in antioxidants, linseeds – good fats, camu – good for immunity and another 500ml water with lemon
9:30am Teach Bootcamp, 500ml water with lemon
11:00am Snack on organic and gluten-free tamari almonds and then head back to gym for another PT session, 500ml water with lemon
1:00pm Snack on dried mango and drink tea before a nutrition consultation with a client
4:00pm Quick upper body gym session while drinking 500ml water with lemon
5:30pm Snack on a small cup for snap pea and bean salad and a vegan protein bar – great for after a workout
6:00pm PT sessions til 8.30pm
9:00pm Quinoa salad with lime and ginger dressing, smoked salmon slices and gluten-free chia seed crackers for dinner
10:00pm Green tea and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies while working on admin stuff
11:30pm Bed time

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About the Author

Cheryl draws on 15 years of experience in the fitness and dance industry to help clients map out strategies that fit with their lifestyles, coach them out of limiting mindsets and prescribe bespoke exercise regimes and nutrition plans. Services by Eat Train Love include personal training, wellness and nutrition counseling, weight loss programmes, pre and post natal fitness, pilates and yoga, outdoor bootcamps, corporate workshops, nutrition seminars and cooking classes.

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