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NYC's Healthy Food Hotspots

New Yorkers are spoilt for choice when it comes to healthy eating. Here, Hairin Bahren shows you her favourite wholesome dining options in the Big Apple.

  • NYC's Healthy Food Hotspots
  • Snacks from Hu Kitchen
  • Midtown Melt at Blossom
  • Hydration options at Whole Foods
  • Produce at Whole Foods
  • Dinner at Pure Food and Wine
  • Lunch at Peacefood Cafe

1.Hu Kitchen
Hands down one of the spots I frequent most in NY any time of the day for a meal. Conveniently located by Union Square, it’s a well-known Paleo hotspot with superfit New Yorkers grabbing post-workout grub at all times of the day. It has amazing variety of dishes you can choose from like curried sweet potato, kale salads, roasted vegetables as well as meat and vegetarian –friendly dishes. Their paleo breakfast muffins, snack section and dessert bar where you can get treats without refined sugars and flours are also big winners here.

2.Blossom Du Jour
A vegan spin on traditional American comfort food, Blossom Du Jour is where I would bring my friends who are curious about a plant-based lifestyle. Favourites at this spot include their midtown melt sandwich that tastes like your regular chicken parm sandwich, their buffalo bites, inspired by buffalo wings as well as delicious “milkshakes” made out of dairy-free milk, superfoods and fruits of your choice

3.Whole Foods
Whole Foods is my happy place. Whether to stock up on fresh, organic produce, energy bars,  drinks to keep me powered through the day or to grab lunch, I often find myself visiting Whole Foods several times a week. Love its minimally-processed snack options, cooked food section (roasted brussels sprouts! stuffed mushrooms!) as well as its body store where I can find natural beauty products.

4.Pure Food and Wine
Pure Food and Wine was carefully created to make your dining experience feel good from the inside out. For starters, the restaurant is beautiful and if you get a chance to sit outdoors like we did you would find generous cushions and fairy lights decorating the space. Feeling a little chilly? Servers will bring you a blanket. This is a great place to take a person you really like out on a date. Everything we ordered was elegantly presented and felt indulgent despite coming from a restaurant that only served raw, vegan cuisine. Favourites from the menu include their cheese plate (made with a variety of nut cheeses and seed crackers), their lasagna as well as their incredible selection of desserts like ice-cream sundaes and a variety of cakes. It’s rare to feel like you’re indulging in amazing food while doing justice to your body – Pure Food and Wine manages to fuse both beautifully.

5.Peacefood Café
A disclaimer – Peacefood is one of my favourite restaurants and ordered from the a couple of times a week when I lived in NY. Everything I’ve tried is so delicious (and I’ve probably ordered from 90% of the menu) you forget that it’s vegan. Some of my favourites at Peacefood include their vegan cheeseburger, chickpea fries, vegetable plate, savoury biscuits as well as ridiculously amazing desserts like coconut vanilla cake, chocolate cake, raspberry crumble and chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. Each table is also cozily lit with candles in the evening.

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Hairin Bahren is the founder of MyMaha. She grew up in Singapore and spent 7 years in New York City where she studied Economics and worked in advertising, finance and fashion. She loves beaches, workout wear, delicious food, and hopes that MyMaha’s community and carefully created products will inspire people to live their greatest lives.

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