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  • 5 Tips for Living in the Moment

    Living in the present moment is a skill worth honing. We have 5 easy tips to show you how.

  • Being and Doing

    Personal development coach Fabienne Cusinier asks you  to slow down and cherish the every day moments.

  • Pure Joy

    Developmental coach Fabienne Cuisinier shares with us this beautiful poem on sheer, unadulterated joy

  • Living In The Moment

    MyMaha expert and developmental coach Fabienne Cuisinier shares her thoughts on going with the flow of life

  • I Am Not Good Enough

    What is that voice in your head telling you? Is it helping or hindering you?

  • Rewriting Our Stories

    Founder of NourishMel and personal coach Melissa Dorai shares her thoughts on reclaiming oneself