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  • 7 Great Post-Workout Meals

    Rushing from your workout to work? Here are 7 on-the-go snacks filled with protein and carbohydrates to re-energize you.

  • 5 Benefits of Dark Chocolate

    It’s true! Chocolate, in its right forms, can actually be good for you. MyMaha expert Cheryl Lin shares 5 reasons why chocolate can be a healthy indulgence

  • How to Tackle the Business Lunch

    Keeping to a nutrition plan while dealing with client lunches can be hard. Fitness trainer and nutrition consultant Cheryl Lin tells you how to balance both.

  • Jaslyn's Caramel Goodness Smoothie

    Amazing breakfast smoothie to hydrate and get dem nutrients in at dawn

  • Know Your Superfood: Baobab Fruit

    The Baobab plant is known for being able to live thousands of years, find out more about the antioxidant-rich wonderfruit borne from this tree here.

  • Know Your Superfood: Carrots

    What else are carrots good for other than improving your eyesight? (Hint: it contributes to healthy, glowing skin.)