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  • Matcha Pancakes

    These matcha pancakes are perfect for breakfast, brunch or dessert. The Matcha Warrior is a fantastic way to jazz up your classic breakfast favourite with a delicious Asian twist!

  • Curry Vegetable Quiche

    Emmanuel Stroobant spices things up with this vegetarian-friendly curry-vegetable quiche

  • Matcha Buttercups

    Chocolate goes well with anything, but have you tried The Matcha Warrior with chocolate yet? It is simply to-die-for. Time for chocolate peanut butter cups to move aside, matcha buttercups are here to stay!

  • The Essential Greens Bliss Balls

    These treats are the perfect energy-boosting snack when the munchies hit between meals.

  • The Matcha Warrior Latte

    The Matcha Warrior Latte will kickstart your morning, leaving you feeling energized and fresh! Our recipe is the perfect way to easily incorporate matcha in your daily lives by swapping out your morning coffee for an antioxidant boost.

  • Patriotic Pancakes in a Jar

    This good-looking protein-rich treat is also fuss-free (made in a microwave, anyone?)