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  • Navigating Healthy Eating in Hawker Centres

    Eating well at a hawker centre can be tricky. Nutritionist Fiona Chia shares her top tips on how you can have your cake (or char kway teow) and eat it too!

  • The Role of our Thyroid in Optimum Health

    Dr. Sigrid Grosby shares her research on why a sub-optimally functioning thyroid might be contributing to weight gain.

  • The Role of Stress in Weight Gain

    Nutrition and exercise on-point but still not seeing results? Stress might be the culprit.

  • To peel or not to peel?

    Instagram star and medical student Sasha Gill shares why eating the skin of certain plants might be good for you.

  • Beat The Haze

    Haze got you down? We show you how THEG helps keep you running at 100%

  • 5 Of The Best Weight Loss Tips For The Busy Business Woman

    Registered nutritionist and MyMaha expert Karen Aroney shares some small, yet very powerful ways you can meet your health goals with little effort amidst a busy lifestyle.