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Anabel Chew

Co-Founder, Webarre and Creator, The Recess Belle

After getting tons of requests for recipes on her own personal Instagram account, Anabel decided to start @therecessbelle to share her love for cooking and making better food choices. Her move to Australia in 2008 sparked a journey on discovering how to eat better so as to live better, complementing the active lifestyle she has always had: running marathons, yoga, circuit training and most recently, ballet barre.

The¬†recipes are mostly vegetarian or pescetarian, are wholesome, sans refined sugar and encourage the use of whole grains and healthy fats. Many who are leading active lifestyles and exercising often do not pay as much attention to what they eat and as a result, do not see the results they physically worked hard for – after all it is 80% nutrition (what you eat) and 20% exercise!¬†Anabel hopes to promote a lifestyle that takes care of one’s wellbeing, fitness and nutrition while staying mindful, hoping that this will inspire more people to do the same.

Articles by Anabel Chew