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Fabienne Cuisinier

Personal Development and Executive Coach

Fabienne is passionate about inspiring people to live their uniqueness and bring it consciously to the world.

She founded Start Where You Are with the vision to empower individuals through developmental integral coaching to live meaningfully and effectively in all aspects of their life taking into consideration who they are and in harmony with the environment they live in. She also works with entrepreneurs to consistently build and grow their business in sustainable ways.

Developmental coaching is a process of increasing our awareness, learning new skills and taking on new habits to reach objectives effectively. Her genuine approach takes into account all aspects of the person and the world they live in, believing that each part of our life is interconnected and explainable only by reference to the whole.

Fabienne is dedicated in the development of conscious and natural living that grew from her extensive experiences having been engaged in various business ventures and having lived in four continents.


Articles by Fabienne Cuisinier