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Fiona Chia

Founder, Health Can Be Fun, Registered Nutritionist

Fiona is a recognized registered nutritionist from the Singapore Dietetics and Nutrition Association, Nutrition Society (UK) and Association for Nutrition (UK). She studied nutrition for six years and obtained her Master’s qualification in human nutrition from University of Glasgow, majoring in Public Health.

As a public health specialist and a registered nutritionist Fiona advises companies on their health initiatives programs. She also encourages health and lifestyle changes to individuals and organizations through innovative education methods.

Fiona enjoys exploring interesting delivery methods to enhance her participants’ learning capacity in health. Scotland’s Community Food and Health has recognized her for her innovative qualitative evaluation methods as well as her original programs that encourage low-income mothers to cook. Her forte is in adding fun and flexibility in her programs while ensuring that objectives are effectively met.

Fiona conducts various health and wellness talks, workshops and intervention programs where she coaches individuals in a group setting to take ownership of their health. Being a strong advocate of health, she enjoys reaching out to a diverse community and believes that knowledge is power.

Articles by Fiona Chia