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Leah Lettieri

Figure Competitor and Personal Trainer

Leah Lettieri is a personal trainer and NPC Bikini competitor.

For the past 8 years, Leah has lived, studied, and worked in New York City. After graduating with a degree in East Asian studies from Columbia University she spent three years buying shoes for a department store before returning to school to earn her Masters in Chinese Luxury Consumer Culture.  Leah is currently  the account executive for a menswear line. In addition to her career in retail and fitness, Leah is also working on her propriety  high-fibre and nutrient-dense blend of zucchini and rolled oats to be consumed as a more nutritious alternative to regular oatmeal.

Leah believes that anyone can live an active lifestyle and there is no one “right” way to become healthier. Hairin and Leah became friends during a Pilates class they frequented at their gym in New York City. Leah believes that every person is different and thus workouts and diets should reflect the unique preferences and goals of each individual.

Articles by Leah Lettieri