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Ruby Rusdon

Ruby Rusdon is a herbalist and naturopath who has been committed to living sustainably for the past 60 years.

Born in Singapore to Javanese parents, she learned about natural healing from a young age, accompanying her parents to the abundant forests of pre-industrial Singapore to gather roots, stems, fruits and vegetables and watched as her mother made herbal mixtures to alleviate a multitude of common ailments for family, friends and neighboring villagers.

Ruby developed a passion for natural healing methods and regularly improves on tried and tested herbal recipes with her deep knowledge of the plant kingdom and modern technology.

She believes that nature provides us all that we need for optimum health and it is up to us to use what we have been given to heal ourselves. When not brewing a herbal concoction for her family, you can usually find Ruby baking in the kitchen, designing clothes or exploring the neighbouring islands of Singapore.