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Sasha Gill

Founder, Holy Basil, Medical Student, 100% Cat Lady

Sasha Gill grew up in a family that was very health-orientated, and that had a huge impact on her. Some of her loves include photography, fresh figs, yoga in the morning, cats any time of the day, robin-egg blue, scented candles, stationery of any kind, collecting herbal teas and all-white furniture.

Sasha became mainly plant-based because of her love for animals (refer to cat appreciation above) and as a way to combat her IBS. She was constantly stressed, always bloated, always uncomfortable and decided to try to fix that – slowly cutting back on meat followed by animal products. She follows an always-high-carb, sometimes-low-fat but never-not-tasty diet – and feels better than ever before.

Sasha understands that everyone’s diet is personal to them. What works for someone may not necessarily work for someone else. However, she thinks that everyone has something to gain by enjoying a plant-based meal every now and then (or more!).

As an 18-year old med student, sometimes cooking for herself can be expensive and a bit of a hassle. However, she has tried her best to make most of her recipes easy, affordable, and (of course!) delicious. You can find Sasha on Instagram at @thesashadiaries

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