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Tisha Kiran J

General Manager SG, MyMaha

Tisha started out as an Educational Psychologist, working with children with special needs. While she loved what she did, she struggled with body image issues, constant dieting and weight fluctuations. After lapsing into a second bout of an eating disorder which resulted in her burning out physically, emotionally and mentally, she decided to leave her job in 2015. This sparked a 9 month solo trip around the world, where while practising yoga and immersing herself in the health and wellness communities in each city she visited, she discovered her true passion.

Tisha obtained accreditation as a Certified Health Coach from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute as a way to combine her background in psychology with her passion in health. She has also graduated with a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell and from the Plant Based (Sports) Nutrition Program by Brendan Brazier. She truly believes in the power of food to heal the body and transform us into the best versions of ourselves.

Tisha is now the founder of Wellness with Tish, a health and wellness company based in Singapore, specializing in nutrition coaching.