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5 Common Mistakes that People Make At the Gym and How to Fix Them

We’ve logged a considerable amount of time at the gym at MyMaha. Here’s how to fix the common mistakes we’ve seen.

  • 5 Common Mistakes that People Make At the Gym and How to Fix Them

Not stretching after a workout

We understand that you’re time-pressed and want to be in and out of the gym in the shortest possible time. However, stretching is a vital part of fitness as it prevents injury, improves flexibility, increases range-of-motion of joints and can lead to better muscle performance in certain activities. Start by regularly stretching for 3 minutes after your workout to reduce muscle fatigue and improve body-mind connection.

Holding your breath while working out

Too often we see people holding their breath while running or when lifting weights. This makes the task you’re doing harder. Proper breathing is essential for the body to carry out its functions and by taking smooth, controlled breaths, you will be able to work out with less effort for longer.

Holding on to the treadmill handles while running

By holding on to the treadmill, you’re inevitably transferring weight onto your hands. If you’re looking for a total body workout, keeping your hands off the machine helps to strengthen your core stabilization muscles. A strong core enables you to become a better overall athlete.

Relying on weight machines on the gym

We’re not fans of weight machines at the gym that target a specific body part. Machines force you to work at a specific angle, increasing the risk for injury and promotes muscle imbalance. Instead, do bodyweight exercises or use free weights at the gym for a strong and balanced body.

Going to the gym without a plan

Having a plan gives you an intention to workout, cutting down on time-wasting and aimless wandering. It encourages you to follow-through and accomplish your workout despite any mental barriers or distractions that might come up mid workout.

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