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5 Healthy Date Alternatives

Tired of grabbing drinks? Does your partner share an interest in wellness? Here are 5 healthy date alternatives to explore.

  • 5 Healthy Date Alternatives
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Food has the powerful ability to be able to form a bond between people sharing a meal. This is why dinner dates are popular as it provides a strong shared experience. However, eating out can derail one’s nutrition plan. Here are 5 healthy date alternatives to consider if you want to spend quality time with your significant other while keeping to your wellness routine.

  1. Take a fitness class together. This week the both of you can take the cycling class you’re religious about and the following week you can go on his or her weekly run. Putting aside your personal preference to do something that is important to your significant other brings the both of you closer.
  2. Go for tea. There are many reasons why taking tea is a venerated ancient ritual. It has been related to internal spiritual content, encouraging self-discipline and promoting enlightenment. Enjoying tea together with your significant other strengthens both the relationship with yourself and with each other. Tea is also hydrating (always a good thing) and certain tea types provide medicinal benefits. Acquaint yourself with this traditional art form by visiting traditional tea salons located throughout the island. Tea Chapter and YiXing Xuan Teahouse are two options to explore.
  3. Prepare a meal together at home. Choose a couple of our recipes to prepare a delicious meal and enjoy it together. We are strong advocates of preparing your own food so you know exactly what you’re eating. Grocery shopping is also one of our favorite activities and shopping for groceries together is a great way to get introduced to new foods you might not try on your own.
  4. Go for a walk in nature. Spending time in nature is invigorating and doing so with your loved one makes that time spent even more meaningful. Walk your dog together in the park, watch the sunset, and if you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, make relaxing beach strolls a habit.
  5. Work together/ Read together. If it is one of those weekends where either one (or both) of you have deadlines to meet, try working together. Even though the both of you would be working, having the person you care about near you is comforting, makes the work you have to do more enjoyable and allows for easy communication when you get a chance to talk.

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