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Adventures in Maldives

Our Founder and CEO Hairin Bahren spent a week in Maldives in December (lucky her!). She shares with us her amazing photos and what she got up to while she was O-O-O.

  • Adventures in Maldives
  • So much chill
  • Palm trees: Maldives Edition
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Swimming with whale sharks

I recently got back from a week in Maldives with my family and had the most amazing time, it was the most relaxed that I’ve been in a while coming off a busy past 3 months. We stayed at the Conrad Maldives which took up 3 islands on its own and it was 100% a tropical paradise.

Every day was spent swimming, lounging on the beach, reading, taking long naps and enjoying a meal with my family at one of the hotel’s 12 restaurants. Maldives is one of the world’s best diving and snorkeling destinations and I made sure to get a bit of that every day – we even got to swim with four whale sharks which unreal!

I’m psyched to be back at work, we have new additions to the MyMaha fam and so many exciting things coming up, here’s to an amazing 2016!


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About the Author

Hairin Bahren is the founder of MyMaha. She grew up in Singapore and spent 7 years in New York City where she studied Economics and worked in advertising, finance and fashion. She loves beaches, workout wear, delicious food, and hopes that MyMaha’s community and carefully created products will inspire people to live their greatest lives.

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