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Know Your Superfood: Bananas

We once downed 20 bananas a day here at MyMaha. We give you the nutritional lowdown on nature’s perfect snack.

  • Know Your Superfood: Bananas
    Photo from Fernando Stankuns via Flickr

What It Is

While we love all fruits, bananas are probably our favorite. Even looking at a banana’s bright yellow jacket encasing its soft, sweet and creamy flesh is enough to put us in a better mood.

Believed to have originated from Malaysia, bananas are mostly grown today in South and Central America. Part of the plantain family, bananas are green when unripe and turns yellows as it ripens. Ripe bananas are prime for consumption when covered in dark brown spots – an indication that the simple sugars found in them are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized by the body.

Why Eat It

Nutrient-packed, full of fibre, easy-to-eat and perfectly portion-sized, bananas are the ideal convenient food. It contains a host of anti-oxidants, including vitamin C that boots the immune system. Rich in fibre and high in pectin, bananas also aid digestion by getting rid of toxic buildup in the digestive system. Bananas have long been a staple of any athlete’s diet regimen and for good reasons. High in potassium and calcium, it improves athletic performance and recovery by reducing muscle cramps. Bananas are also a mood-booster, containing high levels of tryptophan which converts to serotonin, a hormone that increases the feeling of general well-being and decreases stress levels

How to Eat

Although excellent eaten on its own when ripe, one of our favorite ways to include bananas in our diet is to add a frozen banana into our green smoothie, making it thicker and creamier. We love bananas so much we included it in our formula for The Essential Greens. Keep a lookout for other creative ways to include bananas in your meals at our magazine online.

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