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Living In The Moment

MyMaha expert and developmental coach Fabienne Cuisinier shares her thoughts on going with the flow of life

  • Living In The Moment
    Doug Robichaud

As Jason Mraz is singing
Living in the moment
Brings peace and joy
In the moment, just right now

Why worry if we can just be
And enjoy the flow of life
Which is being brought to us
In each single moment

Our mind is wandering
The past and the future
And is missing the present

Our mind is worrying, projecting,
Analyzing, planning, taking us away
From being present in the moment
Constantly searching
For reasons to distract
Ourselves from the reality
Of the uniqueness
Of the present moment

Why? Why not?
Why this? Why not that?
What if? What if not?
What should? What shouldn’t?

And why not
Exactly as it is,
As it is right now,
Exactly as it is?

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About the Author

Fabienne is passionate about inspiring people to live their uniqueness and bring it consciously to the world. She founded Start Where You Are to empower individuals to live meaningfully and effectively in all aspects of their life. She also works with entrepreneurs to consistently build and grow their business in sustainable ways. Fabienne is dedicated in the development of conscious and natural living that grew from her extensive experiences having been engaged in various business ventures and having lived in four continents.

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