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Which Matcha to Pick

We love our matcha and have both on rotation depending on what we’re using it for. We give you the DL on how to choose a matcha that is right for you.

  • Which Matcha to Pick

Matcha, camellia sinesis, is grown in 3 layer shades of cover to maximize the chlorophyll and amino-acid content of the leaves. Leaves are then handpicked and slowly stone ground in a controlled environment to retain their nutrients.

What makes ceremonial-grade matcha different is that we only use only the topmost buds of shade-grown trees, making it more nutrient-dense than superior-grade matcha. This is what gives it its brighter vibrant green colour and finer texture. But rest assured, the quality of both tea powders are impeccable- made from 100% pure stone-ground Japanese certified organic tea leaves, with no additives, chemical flavourings or fillers, to guarantee you enjoy the full range of benefits and nutrients.

The Matcha Sage is a little sweeter and has a more distinct aroma compared to the The Matcha Warrior which is more bitter and less robust. Although there isn’t a huge difference in taste, if you’re a big fan of matcha as we are, you’ll probably be able to tell.

Ceremonial-grade matcha has been used for years in Japanese tea ceremonies and if you’re taking some time to sit back and enjoy the ritual of making matcha, we suggest using The Matcha Sage.

The Matcha Warrior is perfect as an add-on to smoothies, as an ingredient to desserts, in lattes, iced teas or in hot teas on days where you’re just looking for that energy boost.

Other questions that we can help you with? Email, we’d love to hear from you. Happy drinking! ;)

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