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  • What is the nutritional information for The Essential Greens?

    One serving of The Essential Greens has 38 calories, 7g carbs, 2g protein, 0g fats and is a great source of Vitamin C. For a detailed list of ingredients, vitamins and minerals please refer here.

  • Is The Essential Greens vegan?

    Yes, our product is vegan. We do not use animal products when making The Essential Greens.

  • Is The Essential Greens gluten-free?

    The Essential Greens is not made from any wheat products. However, we do not label our product gluten-free as it contains wheatgrass which comes from the wheat plant. Gluten is by- product of processing wheat and wheatgrass is its original form. Click here to read more about what gluten is. Additionally, The Essential Greens is manufactured in a facility that could contain trace amounts of gluten.

  • Why does the colour of The Essential Greens sometimes look different?

    We use only fruits and vegetables in our products and do not add any preservatives or chemical additives. The Essential Greens takes on the colour of the fruits and vegetables it comes from and colour variation in fresh produce is normal.

  • How do I consume The Essential Greens?

    You can consume The Essential Greens with any cold or room temperature beverage of your choice. Simply mix with water, juice, or blend into a smoothie. To enjoy full nutritional benefits, do not add to hot water. We regularly post creative ways to use The Essential Greens on our Instagram account as well as on the recipes page of our magazine. If you have a suggestion on how to use The Essential Greens please tag us @mymahamoment on Instagram and Twitter.

  • When do I consume The Essential Greens?

    You can consume The Essential Greens any time you want. We usually consume 2 packets a day – when we first wake up to flood our body with nutrients and later on in the day for an energy boost. Some people take The Essential Greens several times a week, others, up to 3 times a day – it depends on what serves your lifestyle best.

  • When does The Essential Greens expire?

    The recommended shelf life for The Essential Greens is a year from the production date. We print the production date on every serving size packet of The Essential Greens.

  • Where is The Essential Greens manufactured?

    The Essential Greens is a manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility in the US that adheres to strict rules and regulations on safety standards. After the product is manufactured, we engage a third party laboratory to conduct further testing on the products to ensure it’s safety and quality.

  • I eat pretty healthfully and think I consume a pretty balanced diet. Do I still need to take a nutritional supplement?

    We think that the right nutrition supplements are a cure to modern farming practices. The world’s agricultural soil has been depleted of nutrients due to current farming methods and fruits and vegetables that are commercially grown today contain 75% fewer micronutrients than produce grown 50 years ago1. Fertilizers that farmers use are either harmful to humans or contain just enough nutrients for the crop to survive til it gets harvested but not enough to be beneficial to human health. Furthermore, crops today are harvested before it’s fresh and sit on shelves. Nutrient content in produce depletes over time meaning that the nutrient content of the fruits and vegetables that we buy have already been compromised. Whole food supplements that use ingredients preserved when the plant is at its peak nutrient content enables you to get the nutrients that you might be missing from your current diet.

    A whole foods nutritional supplement is also helpful for athletes, those who are aging or those who consume alcohol regularly. Nutrient absorption declines with age and it would is helpful to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs as you mature. Athletes can also benefit from a nutritional supplement. When training at a high intensity, the body exhausts its energy reserves and uses more nutrients for recovery and energy production. A clean dietary supplement might help improve recovery and performance.

    Those who consume alcohol on a regular basis can also benefit from a nutritional supplement. The body and its metabolic systems are adversely affected by alcohol. In particular, alcohol interferes with the metabolism of magnesium and increases the rate at which B vitamins, zinc and copper are passed out from the body2. You might thus want to consider a nutritional supplement to ensure that your body’s getting all the nutrients that are being removed from it.

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  • Is The Essential Greens powder as nutritious as food? How does it compare to conventional vitamins in pill form?

    Powders maintain most if not all of the nutritional content found in the food that they’re made from. The powder form itself makes the nutrients more easily absorbable, especially if they’re typically locked up within the cell walls of the food.

    Whole food powders like The Essential Greens is better absorbed by the body than conventional synthetic vitamins that isolate single vitamins (for example, a calcium or vitamin C tablet). Studiesshow that the proportion of vitamins and minerals taken in relation to each other is more important that the amount of each isolated vitamin taken – hence a whole food supplement that contains a broad range of fruits and vegetables would be the better supplement option. Nutrients work together with hundreds of other compounds to create observed health effects. Moreover, the body can easily recognize and absorb vitamins and minerals in foods that are found in nature, as opposed those made in a chemical lab, which might have an adverse effect on the body instead 2.

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  • I still have questions. Is there a number or email I can reach you at?

    Of course! Please email or call +65 6100 7125 and we will be happy to help you with your question.