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Our Products

  • The Essential Greens

    The Essential Greens is our premium organic superfood powder with 3X more Vitamin C vs. an orange and 4X the amount of iron vs. a cup of spinach. Made out of 10 organic fruits and vegetables with absolutely no additives or preservatives, it works overtime so you don’t have to. Take your nutrients with you whenever, wherever.

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  • The Matcha Warrior

    Grown in the fertile soil of Japan, matcha is the oldest and most superior form of green tea. A go-to for our daily morning boost, our matcha contains a myriad of health benefits and antioxidants (137X the amount of regular green tea!) - better than any cup of coffee.

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Nutrition on-the-go

We are a wellness-powered nutrition company on a mission to create the best and most relevant products for this generation.

We believe health should be simple, inspirational, and fuss-free. Above all, we believe that healthy is a look that is different on everyone. Wear it proud.


  • “Love using MyMaha’s products in my daily smoothie bowls for an easy hit of nutrients!”

    Nicky Inge
  • “Discovering MyMaha changed the way I feel every day because my body is finally getting the nutrition it needs”

    Bri Arden
  • “I’m a big fan of MyMaha for fueling my daily shakes with high quality vegan essentials. What a convenient and tasty way to get those all-important vitamins and minerals!”

    Richie Kul
    Model, Vegan Activist
  • “MyMaha in popsicles is a super refreshing and enjoyable way to get the greens”

    Nick Barnett
    Management Consultant

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