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Hi there, welcome to MyMaha! ☼

We are building a modern health and wellness company, inspired by nature’s healing powers and the human body’s ability to mend itself.

We take the best from the East and West and everything in between to create new essentials to help you power through the ever-accelerating lifestyles in today’s world.

We believe that healthy is a look that’s different on everyone and we\’re here to help you live your greatest life.

Who are we?

MyMaha was founded by Hairin Bahren, in her New York City apartment with her laptop and a folder with recipes of healthy and convenient go-to meals necessitated by a hectic working schedule and a passion for nutrition and fitness. Together with certificates in plant-based nutrition and ballet barre, she set out to create products that her generation’s strong men and women would need in their busy schedules, starting in the labs of upstate New York. After spending 7 years in NYC, she wanted to bring what she learned back to Asia.

Together with creating the best nutrition products, we are working on a vision to be a rich resource and a sounding board for what’s relevant and what works when it comes to health, especially for this generation. We’re always innovating and testing products, holding focus groups and tasting sessions, and bringing experts on board to advise and create with us. We understand that time is our most limited resource and health is what enables us to connect with ourselves and live our best life.

Why create products?

Our products are plant-based, easy-to-use and a breeze to pack. We understand that being healthy is important but so are all the things on your to-do list. We focus on 3 main product categories to address the nutritional needs of anyone living in this modern world. Our range of nutrients solves and gaps in minerals and vitamins (cc The Essential Greens). Our boosters increases energy and focus to meet the demands of city life ( cc The Matcha Warrior & The Matcha Sage) and our anti-inflammatory range of products cleanses the body naturally and reverses the sometimes-toxic effects of city living (cc The Detox Tea)

We take care not to use any additives/fillers/chemicals in any of our products and when you choose to use MyMaha, you’re one step closer to living your greatest life.


Our products are uncomplicated, thoughtfully invented and tightly curated giving you room to live the life you want


The MyMaha Mantra

Our values guide our actions to be the greatest version of ourself that we can be.

  • Excellence

    Quality is at the core of what we do. We ensure that powder packet is properly measured and packed.

  • Integrity

    We advocate transparency and live by our mission and values 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Simplicity

    Health should not be complicated. Life should be simplified. Get back to the basics.

  • Community

    Life is meant to be shared. We believe in giving back to the community of people around us.