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Our Products

  • The Essential Greens

    Our energizing superfood powder blend is your 2 servings of fruits and vegetables. Made out of 10 different fruits and vegetables, it’s a natural Vitamin C supplement filled with Iron and B vitamins, working overtime so you don’t have to.

  • The Matcha Sage

    The Matcha Sage is the highest-grade of organic green tea powder, grown in the fields of Nishio, Japan. An integral part of tea ceremonies in ancient Japanese culture, our ceremonial-grade matcha is subtle in flavour and ideal when taken whisked hot.

  • The Matcha Warrior

    Grown in the fertile soil of Japan, matcha is the oldest and most superior form of green tea. A go-to for our daily morning boost, our matcha contains a myriad of health benefits and antioxidants (137X the amount of regular green tea!) – better than any cup of coffee.

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Nutrition on-the-go

We are a wellness-powered nutrition company on a mission to create the best and most relevant products for this generation.

We believe health should be simple, inspirational, and fuss-free. Above all, we believe that healthy is a look that is different on everyone. Wear it proud.


  • “Love using MyMaha’s products in my daily smoothie bowls for an easy hit of nutrients!”

    Nicky Inge
  • “Discovering MyMaha changed the way I feel every day because my body is finally getting the nutrition it needs”

    Bri Arden
  • “I’m a big fan of MyMaha for fueling my daily shakes with high quality vegan essentials. What a convenient and tasty way to get those all-important vitamins and minerals!”

    Richie Kul
    Model, Vegan Activist
  • “MyMaha in popsicles is a super refreshing and enjoyable way to get the greens”

    Nick Barnett
    Management Consultant

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